Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Link?

Link is the ultimate, locally relevant community and lifestyle app designed to keep you, our user, connected. Link, in partnership with Vodacom, not only gives you the ability to connect with your friends and communities, but also introduces the following revolutionary features:

  • Link Channels: Geo-location based Security, News or Ward channels, keeping you connected to your neighbourhood.
  • Link Tag-Me: Is a unique feature that allows users to track their loved ones in real time using geo-location.
  • Link SOS: Link allows users to set up a dedicated SOS button to alert loved one’s in emergency situations.
How do I get Link on my device?

Link is available for iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads, Android phones and certain Android tablets, and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store, App Store or Vodacom App store.

Updating Your App - KOUGA Municipality

An improved version of the LINK app has been made available to Kouga residents.

This means that all users who have accessed the app prior to 10 August must update it via your App store.

  • Search for LINK – Smart Municipalities in your app store
  • Once the new App has been updated, watch the following video to learn how to update your details
Why a Cell-Phone Number is Needed

The LINK app requires authentic and responsible reporting by users. From time to time we may need to contact users for administrative purposes. Your phone number is not shared with the municipality or any third party, your information is secure and protected through stringent POPIA compliant processes and remains strictly confidential at all times.

Why location services need to be enabled

The LINK app is designed for live location reporting of incidents and it provides a snap shot geo-location to the municipality, to identify where the incident has occurred. The LINK app administration and municipality is unable to track your location.

How can I manage my notifications?

To manage all notifications, go to your profile view by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. Select “Show chat notifications”, select “Show notifications” to switch all application notifications on or off. To define your notifications within a channel, go into the channel you are following, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of your screen, select “About”, select which notifications you would like to receive.

How much data is being used during a Tag-Me session?

Tag-Me is easy to set up with one click notifying contacts via instant messaging that another contact wants you to track them. It uses very little bandwidth (1MB can be used for 20 hours of tracking).

My location shows I am somewhere else?

During registration, Link asks permission to access your location; if access was denied the application will not be able to identify your position. Kindly ensure that you have a working 3G or Wi-Fi connection since an internet connection is required when using Link and verify that your location feature on your device is switched “on”. Please note!, that on Android devices Google location services also needs to be turned on for more accurate geo-locations.

Are my actual address details required for Primary Location registration

If you are reporting incidents to a municipality that is connected to the LINK app platform relating to your specific residential address, such as your refuse, a problem with your water supply or an electricity outage specific to you residence or to have your municipality drain your septic tank (should they provide this service), then you must enter your actual residential address in your “Primary Location” field.