Link with your community

Link is bringing neighbours and communities closer together by changing the way people communicate with each other.
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At Link we believe that you should do good things for your community through social action. Don't be a passive subject, be an active citizen! We focus on important community issues namely, Safety & Security, Service Delivery, Employment and Education. 

Reporting Service Delivery Issues

Link empowers citizens by giving them a direct link to their municipalities and ward councillors. The ward channels allow consumers to easily report service delivery issues such as blocked drains, burst pipes, electricity outages, missing manhole covers, refuse issues, and faulty street signs to name just a few. Because the app geo-locates the user, municipalities know exactly where the issues are and can move to correct them much more timely than previously. Users and councillors then can view exactly what issues are occurring in their wards over time periods and types of issues. Users can set their personal preferences on what they want to be notified about to ensure the app remains unobtrusive.

Keeping your community safe

Link offers a free service to all resident’s associations, safety/community forums and similar groups to report and record security issues and other community related information. The Security Channels give an intelligent view of all incidents as well as a map and of course, full user control of notifications. Constant WhatsApp messages are a thing of the past now and users can define the notifications they want to view and only receive comments on relevant issues. Users are also provided a range of useful features to keep safe such as a SOS panic button and a Track-me-home feature.


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